15th Anniversary Hits Home

Magnificence By Shalini Beriwal this year celebrates in tow with Valentine's it's 15th Anniversary of being a part of people celebrations and families. Reopening with a bang and new look to it's studio and many more things added on offer, from Gourmet Gifting to Home Décor and special Favor and sweet somethings.

Thank you to all our patrons and all our loved one's. This milestone would not have been possible without every ounce of faith put into us by you.

Cheer's to you and our heartfelt congratulations.

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Shalini Beriwal Founder, M.A.P.P.

Established in the year 2002, Magnificence's Academy of Packaging Professionals (M.A.P.P.) is the brainchild of Shalini Beriwal. Ten years ago, Beriwal was exposed to the world of creative gift packaging. The tremendous demand for fashionable quality products and creative packaging gave birth to the concept of imparting the skill to others to cash upon the platform of packaging industry .M.A.P.P. aims at directing enthusiasts wanting to excel in the field of packaging by giving them professional knowledge and practical training while nurturing their creative aptitude.In an interaction with Ent