Magnificence begins it’s history in 2001 when, what started as a favour to a friend to help out with the presentation of the gifts and adding to the wedding, quickly got recognised as a gap in the market when the appreciations for the creations stated flooding in.

Culminating Shalini Beriwal’s creative skills and Ajay Beriwal’s experience, Magnificence was given it’s official form in 2002, with their daughter Shweta playing an integral role in the early stages. Located in New Friends Colony of New Delhi, Magnificence offered an end to end service for gifts and gifting solutions for celebrations such as Weddings, Festivities, Baby Showers and announcement and other celebrations. Experimenting with materials and crafts which has till now been unheard of to the industry. An industry that till the point was a hobby to women at home, quickly took shape of an industry and came into the limelight standing shoulder to shoulder with other creative industries.

The boutique had soon established itself  as the destination for the most prestigious Indian Consumers.

Abhay Beriwal, Shalini and Ajay’s son started working together in the mid 2000’s, 2011 also say Shweta stepping down to start a new venture post her marriage. Abhay’s introduction started laying the foundation of the future growth of Magnificence. With his eye for detail and rigorous quality criterias, the inherent yet a different approach to design and a stickler for flexible yet a process driven growth. A new model started taking shape, that goes hand in hand with Shalini’s maverick creativity, with it’s innovative approach that had caught the attention of many with an unconventional observation of the society and the earth as a whole to anticipate – and often influence – style trends.

Today the Magnificence design house as a brand offers Celebratory gifts, Gifting solutions – Celebratory gift bestowal presentations, Sweet Boxes and platters, Hampers,  Storage and gift Boxes, Platters, Home accessorising, combining contemporary, innovative, sophisticated designs and services with the uniqueness of handcrafted products that stem from a rich heritage across the globe and specially it’s birthplace of India. Magnificence also operates into the Gourmet Gifting, Education and B2B sectors.