The Magnificence Group also includes : MAPP – Shalini Beriwal’s “other soul”- an education to harness the best of the gifting and packing industry and life sciences and bringing to the people a stepping stole in life and self-discovery, that Shalini wished for during her early stages to the world of business. Shweta now being groomed to take over the reigns. Pretty Packings – Abhay’s initiative to take care of the huge demand of B2B sector and the B cities. Advitiya Ahaar – the infant of the lot, but one that leaves with tantalised taste buds craving for more, a Magnificence approach to gourmet gifting for their clientle.

Based out of Delhi, India. The group’s manufacturing takes place across the nation. Magnificence since inception has strongly supported the art and crafts. Going away from the easier path of imports and machine intensive products and services, which today is the general norm. Magnificence continues to be for the people. Working in tandem with the indigenous artisans, to contemporise, rearise and innovative the arts to give them a new lease of life, making them more potent to today’s market scenarios across the globe. Employing women and men from various walks of life to not only give them a chance to a better livelihood but also their future to skilled society.

With over 300 artisans, 30 licensed production partners and an ever evolving workforce – Magnificence sticks to it’s forte of hand crafted luxury. Each stage of production process is directly monitored and controlled – from selection of materials, prototypes, to the planning and coordination of in-house and outsourced productions.