Magnificence seems an economic growth linked to medium and long term sustainable development. Contributing to it’s community, people, environment and artistic heritage.

Here to, surpassing preset and conventional norms Magnificence has incorporated the very essence of growth with the growth of the society around it. Rather than have projects, Magnificence treats every opportunity of creation and business as a project. Employing a work force majorly from the local communities, hiring, educating and upskilling workforce not just on the bases of their qualitifications but also with the approach of their personal growth.

Taking the initiative to involve artisans from across the lands, upskill them and then train them to efficiently not only work for the brand but also help grow them with outsourced productions and setting them up with sustainable business models.

With the modern times and new generation becoming a part, Magnificence has included a more ec-friendly approach, taking cues from global leaders and the passion of their founders, to take small steps to incorporate green drives, use recycled materials, green gifting. With more ideas in place and many more avenues to still explore, Magnificence works with the people and the nature that has been instrumental in their growth, to make for a sustainable environment.