MAPP is born in 2008 from the independent and unconventional spirit of Shalini Beriwal. MAPP is an education designed to experiment and evolve in the field of gift packing designs. With over 300 working professionals and 650 graduates, MAPP was a step, that came under great scrutiny by industrial peers for being a “factory for churning out competition”. Unfased Shalini proceeded to give others the tools and steps that she did not have on her enterant to the industry. Her dream of creating a larger revolution in the world and taking the once educationist another step closer to that dream. MAPP today is being operated with Shweta Agarwal at it’s head, Shalini and Ajay’s daughter. Shweta with her zest of life in gone to grow MAPP with the introduction of Life Sciences to be a complete form of education – from life to business.